Thursday, August 4, 2011

Somalida Canada iyo Dhibaatoooyinka Caruurta Haysata (Documentary)

My reaction Overview:
This story deeply troubled and saddened me since I my self migrated abroad.  To many of us its a  life long dream fulfilled to fly out of Africa to some place where life is better, to some it's being a wake in the middle of a nightmare.  This is the true life story of many of us who leave with nothing and gain nothing abroad.  The realization of knowing you are not who you was alone is enough to bush ones self over a bridge, but in our culture there is no room to complain, be weak or even sad because you are one of those so called "the lucky few who made it ". 
It's a bitter sweet for those of us who are still struggling to rebuild their lives from the bottom up again, but to those who just leave day by day they are not immune to it either since the challenges are there; even if they refuse to think about it. Navigating through life and different cultures, land, people and language all have their own set backs and difficulties; but ito those who are  fortunate enough with the help of God finding a fair balance and adaptation is inevitable.  Surely things are easier if you learn quickly to say No and be selfish at times to get where you want to be with caution.  But then.............What about those who are naive, old or children? ........those who chose not to be in the promise land! 

Unfortunately this massage came too late to reach those two young Somali women behind bars, but I pray to Allah that it helps and be a guiding light to us all because I believe we are strong and we can recover from it all Bi'idnilaah ....................Milgo USA.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Fadlan u gudbi Xog ururintan ama Documentarigani ehelka iyo asxaabtaada, kana dhigo MY SOMALI CULTURE barta caweyskaaga.

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